Custom Romanian Fonts in Rise

Sep 18, 2018


I tried to add some custom fonts in Rise as described here.

I used fonts with special Romanian characteristics such as: ș ț ă â Ș Ț Ă Â. Somehow the special fonts are not displayed well in Rise. As you can see from the attached picture, the same fonts in a text editor are displayed normal, but in Rise these special fonts don't change as the font type changes, nor are they displayed correctly.

Do you know any solution to this problem? Using them like this does not look professional - for a Romanian eye it would look like something is wrong or like a sign of neglect.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anca, 

I saw you mentioned an image, but I didn't see anything attached here? Perhaps you could try sharing it again. 

The labels of Rise don't support the custom fonts, and a few other community members have requested additional support of special characters in the labels, so I'll keep you posted on that too! 

Ros McNamee

Thank you Anca for your reply. That's so annoying that Rise won't allow for this. I've searched the internet for compatible fonts and none of them are working with Rise with the special "Latin" characters. 

Articulate, surely your team has come across this before. Is this a bug in the system??

Ros McNamee

Just an update: Helvetica Neue font is the only web font I've found to work. It would be nice for the Articulate team to chime in on this because other supported fonts aren't displaying these diacritic characters. The fact that Helvetica Neue works seems to me like a bug.

Otherwise, alist of compatible fonts with diacritic characters, that work with Rise, would be extremely useful.


Ros McNamee

I have used this article and none of the fonts on Google Fonts work with Articulate Rise. There is a list of default Rise fonts on that page which says you can download their counterpart on Google Fonts that should include these non-latin characters, or diacritics. When you download the fonts they still do not work in Rise. On Google Fonts you can test the font and you can they work for these non-latin characters, but they just don't work when you put them in Rise. They default to a serif font instead of the one specified.

If you scroll up, Anca has given an image of what is happening in her first reply to her post. 

Crystal Horn

Hello, Adriana. Diacritics aren't showing properly in the sidebar menu or in some of the button labels because those areas aren't using your custom fonts at this point.

If you're using a custom font that includes diacritics in the set, however, you should see your Romanian text appear correctly in places like the course title and text within the course content. We'll post here if we have updates to share about custom fonts being used in the sidebar and in labels.

Adriana Ilie

Hi, Crystal. Thank you for your reply!

I have tried several font sets that includes romanian diacritics, none of them works properly in Rise. Can you give me an example of a custom font set that works properly in Rise, with Romanian diacritics? I would really appreciate it. 

I attached a print screen from my course, as it is now. You can see a lot of ”ă” and ”ț” that are not displayed properly.  

Kristýna Vitásková

Hello, I noticed the same issue with Czech special characters. It's fine for me to find the correct font and upload it as custom font, however, I am now facing the problem Crystal mentioned: diacritics aren't showing properly in the sidebar menu, lessons names and headlines. Do you forsee any quick correction of this issue?

Kristýna Vitásková

Hi Alyssa,
thank you for your answer, however, it's a pitty as I believe it's not only Czech & Romanian users who have this painful issue - I saw similar issues noted by Polish users as well and I'm sure there will be more.

It would be helpful if, at least, there would be one "system" font in Rise which supports all the special characters across the different alphabets and which may be used in labels and menu as well as in the other text fields. I understand the utilisation of custom fonts in labels and menu require more work on your side and therefore isn't on the roadmap, but what we need isn't a new feature, its an issue fix.

Do you think something can be done on that point?

Thank you!

Hazel Bartolome

Hi Ana!

For non-Latin characters to display in Rise 360 courses, you have to download and install additional font sets. We have links to all of Rise 360's default fonts as well as instructions on how to install them.

Have you tried the instructions from this article? How To Get Non-Latin Characters to Display Correctly