Customising or removing the Lesson icons

Sep 19, 2017


I see that the lesson icons, such as the Aligned Left icon cannot be edited or hidden or replaced with branded icons for lessons.

Is this something that will be catered for?

The icons do not actually add any value to the courses and users tend to get a bit confused as to the significance of them. Being able to either hide them or customize them would be useful.

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Katie Riggio

Thanks for adding your voice, Angel! Although I don't have an update available at this time, I've included your comment in the report. You're definitely in the right place for when/if we do have any updates to share ☺️

Our product team is always keen to hear about customer needs, so please feel free to share any other ideas you have here as well!

Michelle Rakar

I would also really love to see more flexibility with icon options for lessons! If we could upload our own that would help with maximum customization, too.

Some ideas for default icon choices we could have might be things like: a star, colored circles, lightbulb, pencil, various other shapes, etc.

Alessandro Niola

Hi Crystal, if I'm correct so far there's only 4 icons to pick from - it would be fantastic if we were allowed to upload our own SVG/PNG/ICO files to the Theme. 

Use case is: we want to use Rise as a wrapper/training plan for onsite delivery, where learners are guided through the agenda - having more icons available would make sure that each activity (ie an individual one vs a group activity) is easily identifiable by our learners

Jane Bedinger

Like many other folks, we are using Rise as a gateway to other courses and resources and it would be very helpful to be able to use our own icons. For example, we could flag required items. We could use our product icons to identify product related content. We could flag by expertise level.  I really wish you would add this feature.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Paul. Here are the icon choices currently:

You and your learners can ultimately interpret what the icons mean in the context of your courses, but here are some ideas on how to use them:

  • camera: lessons centered around media
  • touch: lessons centered around interactivity
  • lines: lessons that are mostly text based content, or a learning lesson (not a quiz)
  • question box: quiz or other lesson centered on assessment

We haven't made any changes to the icon selection at this time, but we have this discussion tagged to be updated if we make a change!

McKinsey Lowenberg

It would very beneficial to the learner to allow even a small circle bullet to select from as an option. Or at the very least, nothing.

The three lined icon creates visual cognitive overload in the design of the menu as it feels out of place, AND, when a user hovers over that icon in the published version, the hover box pops up and indicates "align left." That's super confusing for the learner. We are telling them to "align left" for what reason?

The pointed finger also adds chunkiness and the other two icons aren't relevant to everything. It would be wonderful to have more options here. Rise is wonderful in that it is a simple, clean platform, and these icons contradict that.

Thank you!

Alyssa Carpenter

I'd like to add a vote to give more options than the limited 4 icons. I feel this would be a very simple enhancement for your development team to add. I would also love to have the option to add our branded icons, but at the very least having more than 4 to select from would be amazing.