Designing & building scenarios in Rise

Jul 14, 2023

I'm looking for design methods/ideas for building scenarios in Rise please.

I've seen the page on 5 Different ways to create scenarios, and How to create branching scenarios in Rise but I need help with the step before, the ID part of it, particularly with designing the branching dialogue and a step by step guide on how to recreate the conversation in Rise.  Can anyone recommend any videos or training, or templates that can help with this?

Even just an example of what a conversation between staff & customer or a guided conversation looks like, the process from paper to Rise.

I can create a simple 1 step branch but it gets confusing after this.


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Judy Nollet

Scenario interactions are based on "CCC"; context, choice, consequence.

To map out a scenario, you've got to know what someone should do in the given situation, as well as what someone might do instead. You also need to know the potential consequences of those actions. If you don't have that info, get it from a subject matter expert. 

  • The branching may be simple or complex, depending on the topic. 
  • I like to map out a scenario on paper, but one could use software for this. For example, it could be "drawn" with connected shapes in PowerPoint.
  • The point is to have the paths a user might follow laid out in a diagram/decision tree before you start programming in Rise. 

The focus of the following post is how to use more than one character in a scenario. However, you might find its demo helpful, because it includes some instructions about programming branches.

TIP: Multi-character Scenario block - Rise 360 Discussions - E-Learning Heroes (