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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Mitch. There haven't been any changes to the quiz results slide in Rise 360. If you would like to offer an un-scored quiz experience for your learners, you could create a lesson with multiple knowledge check blocks.

If you need to send quiz results to your LMS without showing learners their score, using Molly's workaround above is the best bet since Storyline lets you customize everything from the ground up!

We collect feature requests from this discussion forum as well, so no need to submit another one. All voices are counted here! Deciding which features to implement is based on a few criteria, including how many folks are expressing an impact. There's more information on that process in this article.

Michelle Kandiliotis

I would also like to disable the score in rise 360, but I need the LMS to receive their response. I am wanting to use the assessment as a means of recording the learners agreement to the confidential nature of the information they will have access to upon completion. 

A knowledge check would not retain the response would it?

so, for now I have to live with a score of 0% or 100% depending on whether they agree or not. Its not ideal. Is there any hope that suppressing the score will reach the top of the priority list soon?

Karen Bunce

Hi there, This is another request to be able to disable the Quiz/Knowledge Check Result/Score in Rise360.

My project has 3 questions, which are just there as a knowledge check. I am showing the learner the correct answer once they have made their choice, but the Result/Score popping up breaks the flow of the course and will, I think, be considered very annoying!