Disappearing Navigation in Rise

Dec 13, 2021

Hello all,

We have been observing some behavior with a few of our Rise courses over the last several months.  At this point, we are investigating all possible causes but wanted to see if anyone had experienced anything like this.  We have had users begin a course and once getting to the end of a particular lesson, there is no Continue button, even when the block above has been completed.  We typically use restricted navigation with no sidebar so I am not sure if the behavior is avoidable if those settings are changed but our standard is to restrict navigation.

Thank you!



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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Sue!

Does the course behave the same way in all supported browsers, or just a specific one? Is your Rise course hosted in an LMS? If it is, I would suggest troubleshooting your file in SCORM Cloud to check if the behavior is the same. SCORM Cloud is an industry-standard testing engine that's free and supports AICC, SCORM, Tin Can API (xAPI), and cmi5 content.

This video tutorial demonstrates how to use SCORM Cloud with Articulate content.
You'll also find some helpful LMS-troubleshooting tips here.
If your course works properly in SCORM Cloud but not in your LMS, kindly share your SCORM Cloud findings with your LMS provider to troubleshoot the issue. 
If the course encounters the same issues in SCORM Cloud, open a case with us here so that we can investigate. 
Sue Hieter

We are still struggling with this issue, with additional courses.  We've tried turning off the Block Animation setting and that didn't help.  I've run through the course in SCORM cloud and it functions correctly.  It's not that the Continue button isn't active, it's not visible at all.  When the user scrolls down, the continue button still isn't visible.  I've tried the zoom settings but it's not that.  Once a user has reported the issue, we can see it clearly when we impersonate their account.  But we cannot replicate the issue and I've been unable to observe someone when this happens.  Most of our users are using Chrome.  Any thoughts?

Sue Hieter

We also have issues with completions on Rise courses.  The user makes it through the entire course and reaches the last page.  They exit correctly but are not marked complete.  When they re-enter the course, they are bookmarked on the last page.  It's like they have managed to make it to the last page but haven't satisfied the criteria.  I thought this might be related to the issue of the navigation button.  If the user is able to see the button but the page didn't load fully, could they actually get to the end of the course but not truly satisfy the requirements.  These courses mark complete based on the course being complete and not any quiz score.

Stuart Johnston

Hi Sue,

Sadly, we are experiencing these completion issues too.  Except in our case, if the completion isn't registered, often when the user logs back in, their progress has regressed to an earlier stage of the course somewhere instead of the last slide.  Its causing lots of frustration for our customers having to repeat content they've already completed, and lots of frustration for staff who are busy chasing up eLearning completions which, in fact, have already been completed :(

If it helps - we had advice from some external software experts we've engaged because this issue has been ongoing for us for over 1.5 years now.  The advice we were given from the experts was:

1.  Check the 'communication' settings in the package configuration of your LMS

2. To check the settings in your Scormdriver.js file (You can open the file and use the "Control F" search function to find these settings).  The advice we were given was to check that the following settings are set:




Note:   We are only in the early stages of testing if these settings make a difference - so its up to you if you take or leave this tip.

Good luck!

Sue Hieter

Thanks Stuart.  I hate to hear that you are also having issues.  The biggest challenge we've had is that we are unable to replicate any of this - completions or hidden navigation.  We can observe the result after our user has reported it, but I have yet to see it happen to even guess what is happening to cause it.  So we make changes to one thing or another and just wait to see if reports of the issue decrease.  It's been going on since last summer and we've not figured out the cause.

I have checked the settings you identified and 2 of them are different so I will try making those changes.  I feel like we may have tried that before after it was recommended but I've done so many things, I've lost track.

If we discover anything, I'll certainly post here.