Display the full image other than the cropped image in the 2/4 Column Grid (Gallery) in Rise?

Jul 06, 2020

Hello all,

I haven't found any related discussions, so does anyone know if the gallery in Rise with two/Four Column Grid can show the full images other than the cropped ones after upload? All the images I uploaded were more or less cropped/cut off, and can only show the complete image if allow "ZOOM IN"", and my clients didn't like this way at all. 

I only know the "image"(one image at one time) feature can display the full image without being cropped or need to zoom in, but in some cases, I do need the 2/4 Column Grid Gallery effect for the content.

Thank you very much in advance. 



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Karl Muller

Hi Phoebe,

When you are using two, three, or four Column Grid blocks, the images will always be displayed in a reduced, square format. There is no way to change it as this is the only way to display and fit the images in a grid format.

If you always need to see the full image without first zooming in, then the two, three, or four Column Grid are not the correct block types to use.

Phoebe Lu

Thank you Karl for the confirmation. I realized some people really don't like the way they display with 2/3/4 Column Grid. Hmm, I am OK with it but the project is all about clients driven. So, I simply switched to "Image" feature in the block to display individual pic one after another and then the clients are happy with it, the only thing is they have to scroll down which makes the page looks "longer" (thankfully they are images other than texts). Hope this can be some solution for other designers. 


Karl Muller

Hi Phoebe,

Most often I use the Image & Text block to display images.

I prefer this block because:

  • It takes up less space than a Centered Image block
  • You can still see the entire image although it is not displayed at a scale of 100%
  • You can choose a % for how large you want the image to be displayed
  • It has zoom if you want to see the image at 100%
  • You don't have to use any text
  • You can alternate the position of the image to be either on the left or right side


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