Does Rise have the feature of "find and replace"?

Sep 21, 2020

Hello all,

I am going to find and replace a word with some other word in RISE. Do you know if RISE has the same feature/tab as Storyline 360 that can find and replace the word throughout the whole course? I couldn't find any post related to this  RISE issue. 

Thank you very much in advance!


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Pamela Harrell, FGCC Staff Development Administrator

Thanks, Stan. I have tried duplicating the course, exporting it to XLIFF, editing the XLIFF in Notepad (performing a find/replace there) and then importing the revised XLIFF file back into my duplicate course. I get the message that the file was imported successfully, but when I look, the changes did not port over. Can anyone tell me where I may have gone wrong in using the XLIFF process in the Rise 360 Course Settings under the Translation tab?

NOTE: It would be awesome if there was a HTML view/editor built into Rise 360. This would solve 99% of the issues I have run into so far.

Jose Tansengco

Hello Pamela, 

You'll need to edit the translation file that you got in Rise 360 using a valid translation tool like Smartcat for the changes that you made to appear on your course. Editing a file using Notepad or something similar will not have any effect on your course once the translation file is imported. 

Phyllis Russell

Add my vote as well to update Rise with a "find and replace" feature.
Thank you!


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Luciana Piazza

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Your Call L& D and Phyllis! We'll be sure to update this thread if we have any news or updates to share in the future. 

Phyllis: It looks like part of your email signature came through when you replied via email. You can remove that if needed by clicking ‘Edit’ beneath your response. Here’s a quick Peek video if you need help.

Hope you both have a great start to the week!

Shawn Connelly

Three years later, Rise360 still doesn't offer a fundamental find/replace feature that is available in every other eLearning authoring tool. :(

I'm not sure what is worse: the lack of undo (not the temporary undo popup available for about 5 seconds) or not having a find and replace. 

I'm here because I was asked to change a keyword in every lesson of a course. It would have been nice to be able to find and replace this keyword. 

Shawn Connelly

For the money we pay for Articulate 360, it is very frustrating that there have been few to no improvements to this product. 

  • No persistent undo 
  • No find/replace
  • No randomization of quiz questions
  • No quiz question pool to randomize questions asked
  • Only the most basic gamification (worst selection of any authoring tool
  • Very limited image size and spacing controls
  • No offline backup of Rise360 files (yes, I can store non-editable SCORM), but my courses cannot be saved and restored if I move to another company... or if I am consulting and my employer wants a copy of the source.
  • No revision control (other than cumbersome course cloning)
  • and more... I have a growing list of inadequacies.

I only use Rise 360 because my current employer demands it.


Shawn Connelly
Angelo Cruz

Hi Sonya! Thanks for your interest in this feature.

We don't have any news yet regarding this. We'll post updates to this thread as they come.

I'll add you to the list to make sure you're informed if we make any changes that will help!

Although it's nice that you replied, I see similar situations in many other threads where your paying customers often ask for the most basic functionality. 

With all due respect, if you want to help, please raise our concerns in a stand-up and/or find someone who can address our very legitimate requests. 

Is there even a version change log for Rise 360? I would be interested in seeing what new features have been added in the past year or two because I don't recall anything new.

When I searched for version change log, it reminded me of yet another important missing feature... no revision control! Do you have any idea how important revision control is in a corporate environment? Since you don't offer any ability to save a source file locally... any mistakes or any requirement to revert to an earlier version of a complex course is not easily possible... yes, I can clone a course, but this is hardly ideal.