Search and Replace

Aug 28, 2018


Is there a "Search and Replace Text" function in Rise?

For example, I want to replace all instances of the word "Orange" with "Apple" in the whole Rise course.

If not, do you know if the feature has already been requested?


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Penny Spacht

Yes this is a critical need - not a just to nice have feature.   

Currently I export everything to a PDF and  save as a Word Docx.  That way I can search to find find all the words need to be changed.  Word also allows me to check formatting (extra spaced, etc.) and use grammar and spell-check.  Then using word count and a third-party site I can get idea of the length of each section.  I would love all these features added to Rise.  Thanks!

Andres Diaz

Adding in my vote too. :)

Is this at least on the product feature road map? Is there a timeline that you are shooting for that you can share? Looks like this has been a popular vote for at least a few years now in several community discussions and the same answer is, "we'll add your vote and let you know." Transparency would be greatly appreciated.

With that said... my experience with Rise has been great so far. I realize keeping up with many requests and meeting the trends of the market is a lot of work and takes time. Thanks for an awesome tool!

- Andres