Drag and Drop Activity Storyline Block in Rise

Jul 19, 2022

Hello Team,

I have createa a customized Drag and Drop interactivity in Storyline and have added it as a SL block to Rise. The slide size in Storyline is set to 1920*1080.

I am facing two issues here when I try to view the Rise output in Mobile View:

  1. The play button appears and nothing happens when I click it. But its working fine in Desktop and Tablet view.
  2. Then I published the Rise course as HTML and viewed it in the Web then selected inspect to see the Mobile view. Every other component is accessible and can viewed properly in the mobile view but the drag drop is way too small and isn't at all accessible. How to make the SL blocks accessible? Is there any fixed resolution to do that? Please help.
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Gren Foronda

Hi Parichaya!

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues when viewing your Rise course with Storyline block in Mobile View.

For the first issue, Storyline blocks won't work when you click the smartphone preview icons in Rise 360, but they'll work as expected in published output on smartphones.

As for the 2nd issue, learners see the desktop player for Storyline blocks when they view your Rise 360 course on desktop and laptop computers, and they should see the responsive mobile player when they view your course on tablets and smartphones. You can review this article for more details on viewing Storyline blocks on Mobile devices.

Just to confirm, are you viewing the Rise course in Portrait mode? While viewing the Storyline block, can you try rotating the mobile device to Landscape mode to view the slide in a larger format? Does this help with making the Drag and Drop text readable?