Embedded links to YouTube not playing in LMS

I've uploaded a Rise course into Zunos (LMS). It has embedded YouTube links which wont play across Chrome, FireFox etc once published and viewed in the LMS.  

Rise appears to be using the CDN (specifically embedly.com) to access embedded videos. Can this be 'turned off' to allow access to YouTube directly? 


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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Roger. Happy to help, too!

I embedded a YouTube video in an Accordion block and uploaded the zipped package to SCORM Cloud – a handy tool for troubleshooting potential LMS issues. I'm having some trouble recreating any playback issues in those browsers on my side, so I'll need your help.

Check out that sample Rise course here and the link to view the course in SCORM Cloud here. How does the embedded video behave on your end?

Roger Nowell

HI Katie

Thank you. It looks fine in a browser but without uploading the SCORM package into the LMS I am not sure how to test? It looks fine in SCORM cloud. 

I have now had 2 different LMSs come back and tell me there is an issue with the way that the course is packaged. 

I have no technical training so its not something I understand. As both Zunos and TalentLMS have reported: 

The module seems to request resources without specifying valid urls.
All urls from embed.ly starts with url scheme "//" instead of "http://" or "https://". These can't work on mobile.
Below are the workarounds we can think of:
a. Either make sure that all urls you use have http:// or https:// (the "//" will not work on iOS and Android)
b. Or don't use embed.ly


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Roger,

I think the next step is to work with our Support Engineers, that way they can take a look at what you (and your LMS team) are seeing in the output. Any chance you can get a screenshot or  Peek recording of what they're sharing about the "//" link?

I'll start the case for you, and you'll see an email from one of my colleagues shortly! 

Yogesh Malhotra

Hi Ashley,

Even we are also getting the same issue. Embedded Youtube videos are not playing on our LMS. It is actually not compatible with the mobile app. However, Vimeo videos are playing as they do not have such embed.ly link. I have attached screenshots of both Youtube and Vimeo embed links.

Could you please remove the cdn.embed.ly link or use https:// along with the Youtube link?


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Yougesh! You have two options when embedding web content: You can either use the URL of the content, or you can use an embed code. Using the URL of YouTube videos will automatically reference Embedly to ensure they look as expected when embedded on another site.

You can get around the Embedly reference by using an iframe code copied from YouTube. Click Share > Embed, and copy the link, like this: 

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/lKy_BeZ2mco" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>