Enabling End-User Search for Web-Hosted Rise Content

Has anyone had success with giving end-users the ability to search Rise content?

We are using Rise to create web-hosted reference content that is easily viewed across different device types. Our team is fine with doing some technical work to get this to happen (JavaScript / SharePoint / web-host manipulation / etc.), we just wanted to check w/ the community to get some input/guidance before we started down this path.


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Jeff Kortenbosch

The easiest ( I like easy) way I can think of is setup a sharepoint page with either promoted links (Sharepoint365) or create some CSS style text buttons you'd put on a page,  say a rise courses catalog page?? That should get picked up by Sharepoint search. Haven't tried it yet but think it might work.

AJ Ford

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, SharePoint is having trouble picking up the content (and when we inspect the inside of the pages generated by Rise, we don't see the actual content stored in plain text... where is the content stored within the exported pages? Is it hashed or stored in some alternate format?

FSMTB Continuing Education

This is frustrating, as I have somewhat of the same issue. I created an interactive handbook in Rise. The outline menu to the left (or the hamburger menu for those on devices with smaller screens) it's somewhat useful for searching by topic, but you would need to be sure that your headings there are very clear. I would definitely contact someone in Articulate to see if they can add this feature on a future update.

Cass Netzley
Jimmy Hahn

Any update on this? Also looking to add some search functionality. 

It should be coming sometime soon / within 30 days. See Adam's response from the Articulate team regarding the 'search' feature on page 2 of the following thread: