Explain the "seat" vs. "administrator" vs. Course-taker Please

Nov 11, 2022

Do "seat" and administrator refer to course creators within 360 teams? Can the course be assigned to unlimited staff? Each staff who will take the class doesn't need a seat, do they? Please, talk to me like I'm a 2 year old and explain. I work for a non-profit, I am the Learning and Development Manager and I will be creating the courses, so I purchased one seat. 

I shared the possibilities with my supervisor, and she wants to peruse on her own. I invited her to be an admin but I don't know if that will work. Do I need to buy another seat?

And most importantly, is there a limit to how many staff can be assigned a course? OH! And, has anyone figured out how to have completions certificates yet? I saw several options including Java, html code, and other things. I'm looking for SIMPLE. Or help implementing one of the coding options please. Thanks!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Jen! Thanks for sharing your finds. And I'll add a little more context for anyone who comes across this discussion with similar questions. One condition -- I'll treat you like a beginner with great questions and not a 2-year-old. Be proud that you're learning a new software -- we're here to support you all the way!

The seats you purchase for Articulate 360 are for content authors only. You can add admins, but they don't use a seat, and they won't have access to create content. You can, however, share your work as you go by giving them the Share link at the top of your course.

annotated image pointing to the Share link

You'll ideally want to publish and host your course on your own website or in a learning management system. You may not have access to an LMS as a non-profit. The Share link can be used for light viewing of the course, but the downside is that your learners' activity isn't tracked, and they always have to start over when they leave the course.

This article describes all of the options for sharing your content with learners. I hope that helps!