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I'm new to using rise. Is it possible to use the fill in the blank knowledge check question as more of a reflection activity for the learner where there is no right or wrong answer? Is there a way to change the settings so that the learner cannot get it wrong as it's their own reflection? Or is there another tool I could use for this purpose?





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Mark Herrell

Irina - I am not sure how this would work in an LMS. Since my school does not have an LMS, I simply post a link to my Rise courses in a Google Classroom (Google Classroom is not an LMS). The Google Form records into Classroom. 

Students can do the Rise course, but the Rise activities are not recorded - unless I insert Google Forms.

Mark Herrell

An interesting “work-around” would be a program such as Nearpod.

I recently started using this program: really enjoying the rapid development; ease of implementation; positive UX; and varied interactive-knowledge check capabilities. It integrates w Google Classroom as well as other true LMS:

I have not tried to insert a Nearpod into a Rise course yet like I have done w Google Forms. But it may offer the free response function.