Getting 'kicked out' of Rise

Jul 31, 2019

As I'm working in Rise, I constantly get 'kicked out' and have to re-login.  Then, when I re-login my project shows that 'I' edited the project 'X' minutes/hours/days ago.  Then, when I try to edit the project it tells me 'I' am editing it and gives me the choice to 'Take Control'.  When I 'Take Control' I have lost my work.  This is happening constantly and it's on multiple projects.  Please help me - it is making Rise nearly useless and wasting so much of my time.  I have a lot of work I need to do!  I added screen pics of what I'm talking about.

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Jean Devers

+Reposting from another thread

This is also happening to me. Just now I lost 20 minutes of meticulous work on an interactive diagram. Every few minutes or so it freezes and I have to sign in again. It also happens if I switch to another tab to check my email or look at my source material. I thought it was because I am using a trial version. It is highly frustrating because I don't know how long I have been signed out. I just get a rude surprise when I log back in and see that none of the work I have done for the past 15 or so minutes was saved. To answer the questions posed above, I am the only one working on the course. So it is odd when I log back in and get a message that I am editing a section and if I want to take control from myself. I'm using the most recent version of Chrome. I have not tried going incognito or in any other browser. I'm trying to build a course to use to sell this to my manager as a worthwhile, faster option. But this bug is a real deal killer.

Any chance a save option is in the works? Also, when you purchase Articulate 360, will Rise be hosted on my company's own servers?

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