Getting 'kicked out' of Rise

Jul 31, 2019

As I'm working in Rise, I constantly get 'kicked out' and have to re-login.  Then, when I re-login my project shows that 'I' edited the project 'X' minutes/hours/days ago.  Then, when I try to edit the project it tells me 'I' am editing it and gives me the choice to 'Take Control'.  When I 'Take Control' I have lost my work.  This is happening constantly and it's on multiple projects.  Please help me - it is making Rise nearly useless and wasting so much of my time.  I have a lot of work I need to do!  I added screen pics of what I'm talking about.

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thanks for your fast reply. My answers according to your questions:

1. Did this just start happening? It was last week as well, but not that often. On Monday fe it was almost every 5 minutes, thus you can´t work on your project because every new step was always deleted. Yesterday on Tuesday I worked in incognito mode, and it happened just once. Lets see how today will be.
2. If so, are you aware of any changes that may have happened on your computer or network? no nothing new
3. Have you tried a different browser? Edge or Chrome? Working in chrome and tried firefox as well
4. Do you have multiple tabs open of Rise? Yes those I need for putting up the course

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