Glitch with Multiple Response block renders it unusable

Feb 09, 2022

I've seen other threads regarding this same problem, and posted in them, but have not gotten a response yet. Also, all of those are old threads, and there apparently hasn't been any resolution, yet.

The problem with this content block is that the user gets incorrect response feedback, even when they select the correct answer(s).

This makes the Multiple Response block unusable, which is a pretty big issue for an e-learning tool. How has this not been resolved yet? It seems like it should have been prioritized and resolved, by now.

Is there even any action being taken on it, currently?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ryan. This behavior indicates that this question became corrupted in some way. Sometimes it happens when the question type was changed, or when correct answers were removed from the choices. We haven't been able to nail down all of the possible reasons consistently. 

We're still exploring, but in the meantime, the best thing to do is to recreate (not duplicate) the question with the accurate answer choices. Your new multiple response question should work fine. Let us know if that's not the case!

Karl Muller

Hi Ryan,

In the four years that I've been using Rise I've literally created thousands of questions. However, I've only encountered this problem only once. It was created as a Multiple Choice and then changed to a Multiple Response, and it was fixed by deleting the question and recreating it as a Multiple Response. 

So the problem exists, but for me it is very low frequency. 

I just recreated your question with no edits and it works for me as shown below.