Google Translate Widget

Mar 11, 2021

Hello Web Developers! Have any of you ever experimented with inserting widgets into the published Rise HTML output files? I am looking to add 10 lines of Google Translate Widget code into the HTML and am unsure where to place it. Any insight you can provide would be much appreciated. I can go into further detail at that time.

Thank you for reading!

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Peter Belois

Sure. So Im trying to mirror a code that I caught from another website using the Google translate widget. My original plan was to incorporate the code below into the published Rise HTML output files so that it would look like the pic below. With no coding skills, that may prove to be difficult so I am open to your suggestion as well. My goal is to allow the user to adjust the site in any language. The way Rise is set up, you would need to create a duplicate of the site per language and that to me seems like way to much maintenance when a paragraph needs to be updated on the original from time to time. Managing only one site for several languages is ideal. See details below.