Have you seen this? storyline interaction in a Rise project / corrupted display when used in our LMS

Nov 05, 2018

Hi all,

I have an e-learning course - built with Rise - running in our LMS (crossknowledge).  One step of my course now causes trouble on one learner's HP Elite x2 device. The writing of a storyline interaction, built into the Rise course, appears corrupted and the content becomes barely readable. Here is the course where the problem occurred. It's the SL interaction in the 2nd latest lesson (Quiz zu diesem Lehrschritt) :

Attached the screenshot that show the corrupt fonts as they appeared to the learner. To say that this occurred only to one of seven learners. My LMS support replied, that this seems an issue on the authoring software side and thus they cannot help me. Has anyone of you seen such behavior before?

It seems, the German special letters äöü have something to do with the appearance but not only. If it could be an individual setting problem of the hardware or the browser, I'd appreciate hints on what a learner can do, if this appears in a browser (reset browser?)?

Thx in advance for your support and best regards

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Roland Straub

Hi Martika

Our LMS provider checked it too and it looked fine. So far it occurred in a course with 2 out of 7 learners. To mention maybe, that they are from our external Sales Force and got connected with the mentioned device and via VPN to our LMS. Maybe that could have an influence? I have also reworked the interaction by taking it into a new empty project. I would keep you posted, if it ocurrs again. Yet I don't have courses running currently.

I appreciate you looking into it as I am right before launching our e-learning programs to a wider audience and should this ocurre repeatedly, this would be a real killer to my efforts to push e-learning, even more since some of my learners just wait for the smallest flaw to have a reason to talk e-learning bad.

Best regards Roland

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