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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jenna,

That isn't yet a feature of Rise, but sounds like a really neat idea! I'll share it as a feature request for you (you'll see an email confirmation of this soon). 

Are you sending users the Share link, or exporting it for LMS/Web? If you're doing the latter you could look at duplicating the course and deleting the lessons you don't need. That would give you two copies which you could then swap on your site come September.

Kristen Kenny

I want to hide my lesson as a possible workaround for not having a resource
option as you do in Storyline. I want to use a button for the learner to
access content in a different lesson (acting as the resource folder for a
few files they may need). Not every learner will need these so I do not
want to have it set as visual lesson.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kristen.  Thanks for describing what you need!  Have you considered creating a button stack block that you can attach on the end of blocks lessons where needed?  If you saved it as a block template, it'll be readily available to reuse across lessons!

Depending on how you build your course navigation (buttons versus using the built-in previous and next options), you could only show those resources to learners when clicked.