Hiding lessons in Rise

Aug 02, 2017

Does anyone know if you can hide lessons in Rise, and then unhide them later? We have some system enhancements going live in August and some in September. I dont want to have to delete any lessons i've already created.



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Dusti Howell

We need a hide feature. I was surprised that Articulate Rise does not have one since this is a basic feature in online courses I've built in various LMSs and one that teachers use a lot - particularly when they want a class to stay together on the same unit/block. I just created an 8 block class for an instructor who wanted to introduce one unit/block each week. Now I have to go in, duplicate the course 8 times and delete all of the other units. It destroys the aesthetics of the course as now the course is all chopped up into separate links without the navigation bar on the left visually showing user progress. Please make it a priority.

Chino Navarro

Hi Felecia. Thanks for reaching out. While we don't have a way to hide lessons in a Rise 360 courses, perhaps you could do the following:

1. Duplicate the course.
2. In the duplicate copy, remove the section that hasn't been approved yet.
3. Once the section has been approved, go back to the original course.
4. Transfer the approved section to the duplicate copy.
You can either transfer the whole lesson or create a block template and insert the template in the duplicate copy. 

I hope that helps.

Tacy Delgado

Wanted to add to this request as well. For me, I'd like to have branching content. So all users learn general information, and then can branch to more detailed information based on what their role requires. But I don't want everyone to think they have to go through all the additional content - just what is necessary for their role. The inability to hide lessons will make it so users think they have to do it all. 

Sarah Hanisko

Hiding lessons would be incredibly helpful to ensure learners only complete the modules they need to. For example, I have a branching course where learners must select between a Procedural Space in a hospital or an Operating Room. While I can use the button stack to direct them, it would be helpful to make the modules invisible on the menu, so that they don't complete sections that they don't need to. Almost like a choose your own adventure feature. While I could do this in Storyline, my workplace insists on using Rise and has asked me to try and do this, though the feature is not available.

Sarah Hermsen

I can't believe that after 4 years of asking there has been no movement on this.  I have a course that is offered in 13 different languages - each getting their own page. The hidden lesson feature will become more needed as training is created globally. Let us know what we as the consumers can do to make this happen. Thank you.

Timothy Designs

I see this post started four years ago, with no resolution. I am doing a big project where my rise project needs to have lessons released over the next few months. I to do not want to lose what I have created already, and my last resort seems to be to duplicate the materials without the lessons I do not yet want to release. Would be nice with one click to hide these.

Alann Demeester

I would also love to see a hide lesson option. 2 use cases for me:
- scheduled delivery re: controlling the pace of taking lessons re: lessons become available on a schedule
- content not ready yet - bulk of a course is ready and need it out the door and have some content written for an unready one. I want what is ready available now and republish once I have the other content. I know the workaround is duplicating, but without some of the admin functionality like course status and metadata to help manage once you have a large volume of courses copies of copies, etc can cause a maintenance nightmare.

Becky Holman

I asked this same question back in 2021 and am still waiting! It is a sorely needed feature. Working on copy sites to import features/lessons in is a really messy way of working. 

In a similar vein, it would also be useful to have a 'hide but still accessible' feature much like Moodle does, so that we could hide lessons, but have button links to them in other pages in the Rise resource, that took the user to the hidden page, rather then have a really lengthy nav menu. 

Mark Petry

Before I was an ID, I worked in IT. We had version control tools for everything. I don't know of anything in the ID world that easily mimics those capabilities, and adopting those tools from IT isn't feasible.

So, hiding lessons allows me to use a hidden page to record release notes, developer notes, other multimedia sources, etc. This way, future designers can refer to them when making course edits. There is a lot less of "Who created this? Where are there source files, what were they trying to do here?"

I can already do a similar thing in Storyline (although it's not called a hidden page). So, RISE stands out like a sore thumb when it comes to notes and version control. 

There are countless reasons that hidden pages would make sense in RISE. Plus, it can't be difficult to implement.

And the learning curve? Easy. "Click the eyeball button next to the lesson you want to hide."

I bet if we said it was necessary for ADA compliance, we'd get it tomorrow.  <-- That last part was a light-hearted joke. But I also feel like it would work. ;-)

Sarah Gray

Would love to see the ability to hide specific lessons in the menu.  Currently building a project where different staff require different information for only one section of the learning.  Instead of having 2 different modules, could just have a button stack to choose your role then go to the appropriate lesson, and still allow for leaving the menu available for navigation/completion purposes.