How can we prevent multiple Storyline blocks in a Rise course to play audio at the same time

Hello, I appreciate everyone's time and support. I'm building a Rise course that contains several Storyline blocks within once section and I have them separated by "complete block directly above" continue bar.

As a learner navigates the blocks they can press the "play" button on more than one Storyline block and cause the audio from multiple scenarios to play over each other simultaneously.  

Open to suggestions on how I can prevent this experience from happening.  Currently, my solution would be to break up the content into multiple sections.

Thank You

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Libby! It sounds like you've successfully used the Continue button block to pace interacting with your Storyline blocks

Is there a way for learners to pause the media in a Storyline block in case they want to move on to another Storyline block? If not, you could add a button to your Storyline slide with a trigger to pause the media. If you'd rather not add a pause media function to your Storyline slides, placing them in different Rise 360 lessons would be the way to go!

Storyline blocks are handled differently than audio or video blocks because Storyline output has its own player. Currently, Storyline blocks don't communicate with each other to automatically pause one when another is playing.