How to add Markers in Rise

Aug 08, 2017

Hi all, im a new learner to Rise and im trying to add markers on an image but dont seem to locate how to do this. does the image have to be in a certain format or is there specific settings that need to be applied to the course in order to have markers?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Zanel,

The markers as you see above are a part of the labelled graphic lesson type, and we're going to add that lesson type as a block, it's one of the things our team has on deck next! Once that's available you'll be able to have a labelled graphic and an accordion as a part of the same lesson. 

I'll let you know here once that features is available! 

Julie Taylor

I need to add labels to a text only block (no graphic) in Rise 360. I want the user to be able to read a text block of content and click on a marker to view more information about the content or ignore it if they don't need it. I know about the labeled graphic but I want to add it to text only without a graphic. Is this possible?  

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