New Rise Feature: Labeled Graphics Block

Jun 19, 2018

Have you ever wished you could incorporate a labeled graphics interaction in a blocks lesson? Now you can!

With this great new Rise feature, you can add multiple labeled graphics interactions to the same lesson or mix and match them with other block types. It’s up to you!

Check out this video to learn more about labeled graphics blocks.

Can’t wait to see the amazing lessons you’ll create with this great new feature. Enjoy!


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shilpa kotecha

Thanks for your prompt reply. So I have am trying to create this the same image in blocks. When creating both look the same but on closing the the button the image on the block gets enlarged.
Please see screen shots below. Hope it makes sense, thanks for your support.


Look when creating for both methods above look is the same

[cid:image011.jpg@01D4137F.A62146C0] Image remains the same as bove when added the old way.
[cid:image012.jpg@01D4137F.A62146C0] Image enlarged after closing the shown below in the blocks option


Kind regards,
Shilpa Kotecha

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Daniel Nyakana

Just took a quick peek at the labeled graphic icons and right off the top of my head I would add an audio icon, a video icon, because someone may want to add an indication that if they click on the icon there is a video or audio clip to come after the click.

Outside of that it would be nice to have a general library of the most common icons which are largely used on the web, including fruit, social media icons.