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Hi Jane, 

If you open up the zip file produced when you export the course you will see a file called content. They need to upload the file called content on to the server.  Then use the address of the index.html file as the link to open the course.   Just like in Storyline you used to upload the storyline output folder and link to the story.html file 

Just tried it and it worked for me: 



Ashley Terwilliger

If you don't need to track learners' progress, the quickest way to share a Rise course is to simply send them a web link. Here's how:

  1. Open the course from your Rise home page.
  2. Click Share in the upper right corner of the screen and copy the shareable link.
  3. Send the link to your learners.

If you want learners to view this course specifically on your website, using the No LMS—Web Only would allow you to export the Rise course and upload in your own environment.