How to identify cmi.core.lesson_location string?

Jan 09, 2020


I've uploaded a Rise 360 course to my Docebo LMS as a SCORM 1.2 file. I see the following string after the cmi.core.lesson_location:  index.html#/lessons/XJ60ZGxUg7YxMqqJufATe12JKQj_8xwT 

How can I identify which part of my rise lesson this string corresponds to? Thank you! 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Ryan,

The cmi.core.lesson_location is how the LMS keeps track of where to resume the learner when they reopen a course.

To identify which lesson the string corresponds to, open the published output folder, and double-click the index.html file to launch the course locally. The course should open in a web browser window, and the URL will end with index.html#.

Add lessons/XJ60ZGxUg7YxMqqJufATe12JKQj_8xwT to the end of that URL, and press the Enter key. That should take you to a particular lesson in the course. 

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