I don't want a Storyline block embedded into Rise to pop out when I click on it.

Jan 10, 2023

I want to embed Storyline blocks into my Rise course and for them to be seamlessly woven in.  I need larger audio controls in my Rise course, and I found in the forums away to make a slide in Storyline, embed it into Rise and that will work.  However, when viewed from Review 360 on my mobile device, I click on the Storyline block and it becomes like a pop up that makes the rest of the Rise course disappear until you hit the little 'X' in the top corner.  Please help, I don't want this to happen.  It does not happen on my laptop, and I tried multiple mobile browsers.

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jeremiah@adjusterpro.com Harrison

I did further research and I have found that this behavior is because of the browsers, which Articulate has no control over.  The browsers have internal settings that do not allow auto play and they cause these embedded modules to pop out separately. 

My current understanding is there is nothing you can do about it, so we will need to learn to design our courses with it in mind.  One thing I have done is to change the size of my slides that I make in Storyline when I am embedding them into Rise. 

I find that portrait mode works best on mobile devices so I have made the slide size taller than it is wide (I have chosen 540 px wide X 740 px tall to try and find a size that looks good on mobile and pretty decent on laptops too).  Also I use a minimum of 20pt for the size of my text, essentially we are experimenting with designing Storyline modules that can be embedded into Rise and look good on mobile screens.

Tora Bailey

I'm having a problem with this on phones. The pressing the button to play the Storyline block isn't a problem, because that is how it works on tablets and mobiles, but the fact that the pop up becomes the focus and you can't get rid of it without pressing the 'X' on a phone is a big problem. The 'X' seems to be stuck behind the menu icon so that you can't press it and then it's in the way of the rest of the lesson and you can't press the continue button to move to another a lesson. This is causing quite a lot of problems for us. This wasn't happening a few weeks and only seems to be happening on phones.

jeremiah@adjusterpro.com Harrison

That is new to me.  In my experience, once the student clicks on the embedded storyline, it becomes its own thing, all the rest of the Rise course is not visible, and the X is not blocked by the Rise menu.  I suspect there is something in your Rise settings that may be causing this.  Here is what it looks like on my android.  Notice the Rise menu partially covering the title before I click on the embedded Storyline, and then when in the Storyline the X is not covered.  

Another thing I notice, you are using a landscape orientation with your embedded Storyline.  Because Rise best works in portrait mode on mobile, I recommend you change the slide dimensions when designing SL content that you intend to embed into RIse.  Mine is an example of a SL slide size of 540x740.

Also I notice you have the exit button at the top right, I wonder if that causes the X for closing the SL file to be on the left.  Even so, it doesn't explain why the Rise menu is still there and covering the X.

Maybe this behavior is due to slide size of your embedded SL module?

Tora Bailey

Just thought I'd give you a quick update: I contacted support about this issue, because as I said above it wasn't doing this a few weeks ago, and I haven't changed any settings in Rise or Storyline that may have affected it. They have escalated the issue because they have had multiple reports of similar issues and think this was caused by something in the December update. Hopefully they can find out what it is and resolve it quickly because this is not expected behaviour for Storyline blocks. 

In regards to landscape orientation that you mentioned above, I read that it was better to have an aspect ratio of 16:9 (960x540) for Storyline blocks. Because our courses are mainly viewed on desktops and tablets we are sticking with what looks best on those devices, we just want it to function correctly on mobile. Up until this point our Storyline blocks have worked well on mobile with these slide dimensions. 

The screenshots I provided show the course in our LMS, so it is exactly how learners will view the course. We have no control over where that exit button sits but again it shouldn't be causing these issues. Hopefully Articulate can fix whatever has caused this or provide a solution.

Phoebe Patterson

I spent a few hours looking into this myself again today and have worked it out.

For me it was something in the player settings. You need to have ‘Menus and controls’ on for the ‘x’ to come up in the top right and not the left for some reason. It is now not covered by the inbuilt Rise menu button. Make sure you deselect all the options under the 'player tabs' section too.

Hope that helps.