Image Error Issues

When working with Labelled Graphic on Rise, I am having problems loading a new image.  The error that pops up is, 'There was an issue uploading. Please Try again."  The problem is, this seems to consistently happen now.  Any thoughts on why? The current image I am trying to load is 135 KB and is a JPEG.  I've loaded images much larger in the past.  But only recently has this been happening more and more.    

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey there A B, sorry you're having this trouble with uploading images. I wouldn't expect image size to cause this issue, since we recommend using the highest quality images available. Is it possible that you're not using one of the supported browsers listed here? If you're already using a supported browser and you're still having trouble, send us a link to your Rise course and a copy of the JPEG file by clicking here, and we’ll test uploading the image on our end.


Hey Ben, the issue was finally resolved.  It seemed that my IT department had blacklisted a bunch of sites unknowingly.  Articulate was able to provide me with a list of sites to white list but we also found some sites that I needed that were also being blocked that were not on the list Articulate provided, so watch for that.  One of them for example was which was not letting me access the Illustrations in Storyline 360.