Image in Rise360 are not displayed in preview mode

Nov 03, 2021

Dear all, 

I do have the problem that some images (not all) importet into a Rise360 course (file name e.g. Bild6.png) is shown in the edition mode but not in the preview mode, as well as not after publication into the lms. 

What could be the reason? How do I solve the problem? Deleting the block, recreating the block and uploading the image again did not help.  

I don't use the "caption" field, it is empty. Could this be the reason?

Mostly this happens if I add an "continue" block after that block. If I insert an "Heading" Block afterwards and leave the text field empty, then the image (sometimes) will be displayed in the block above. 

Thank you in advance and best regards,


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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Murat! So sorry you're encountering the same issue.

Would it be okay for you to share the image file that isn't appearing during preview with us?

You can share it in this thread or if it is private, you can share it by opening a case with us through this link  here and one of our technical support engineers will help you out!

Pamela Sawyer

Ditto - having the same issue. This occurs at the bottom of a lesson. My blocks are:

  • text - "You have learned..."
  • image - grey background with arrow centred, pointing towards next lesson button at bottom
  • continue - default continue with text changed

I have taken a new snapshot of the image I want to insert. Note that this image works in other lessons. But no matter what I do, all I see is a grey background for the image block with no arrow.

I finally figured out how to fix it. If you remove any of the padding from the top or bottom of the continue button, then the image above will not display. How bizarre is that?

Christopher Santos

Hi Pamela,

I've seen cases like the one that has been reported in this thread.  It has to do with the image dimensions and if it is placed at the end of the lesson.  We have since resolved this issue with a patch to Rise 360.

It's odd, though, how the Continue block's padding is coming into play in your case.  I was unable to replicate your scenario based on your steps.  Although I have a feeling it may have something to do with the image properties.

Are you able to consistently replicate the issue with any of your images?  If you can replicate it consistently, can you open a support ticket with us so that we can investigate this issue on our end further?