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Rory Sacks

For my team, my main goal is: how can I make engaging content in the shortest amount of time. We have Articulate but under no circumstances are we to use Storyline. We use Rise 100% of the time. With a lot of the shortcomings, this is forced us to not only evaluate our training, but our development process and how our learners are even accessing our content. We have courses that were built one way but we are re-thinking the reasoning behind that, using the data from our LMS and feedback from our learners to identify better solutions. Sure 7taps seems a little too straightforward but it forced us to use it in a way that makes sense now and our learners really love. I am almost at the point where I am thinking maybe I don't need an authoring tool at all and just a tool kit of different products (Iorad, ThingLink, Genially, Vimeo, and Descript), mesh them together and create really great, engaging courses our learners like to interact with and build assessment right in our LMS when needed

JC Blanchard
Julia Mays

I am also breathless with dismay that, years into this thread discussion/request, a member of Staff came to the group to ask why we might need/want clickable image links in Rise...and expected the customer to take time out busy schedules to provide specific examples.  This is such a basic, obvious feature...I can't tell if they were stalling for more time or if the developers truly don't understand the business their customers are in.

You are right! Insulting to have to explain why we might need image links! 

JC Blanchard

Problem is, it is easy to say we're dropping Articulate and going elsewhere. But not so easy to do when we have hundreds of courses to maintain. And where do we find the time to learn new software and train team members while we have many courses in development in Rise and Storyline. We know that and they know it too. Let's call some truckers over!!  :)

Harry Carter

I agree and have, for years now. The only reason that I've stuck with Articulate is because I felt, well, stuck. But now that I'm beginning to truly feel that I'm a sucker, I'm thinking that this "bad marriage" may need ending... we'll see. For the life of me, I can't fathom why Articulate would want push customers to the brink.

Martin Iwinski

I'll add that I am very disappointed with the SLOW innovation and updates to Rise. It has so much more potential and promise, but there's been very little done to it in recent years.

Very basic UX and developer UX improvements haven't been made. I mean, I can't even save colors to my color palette?!?! I need to paste a color code each time. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Scott Szymanski

I've been wanting to do this to replace our internal websites. We currently use Google Sites for this in the exact 4 image grid like Rise. Adding a hyperlink to text is often missed on these Google Sites--everyone by default wants to click the image. Sometimes visitors completely miss the text link, click the image, then say the link is broken (because they think the image is the link which is a common heuristic many learners have). I think the path of least resistance is to meet learners where they're at: Click the image to visit the site. Otherwise, why have a big, pretty image if it doesn't do anything?

It'd be great to have this feature, as we could then move our many disparate internal websites into a single Rise course. What a time saver for our internal customers! I hope Articulate makes this update.

Larry Wleczyk

So, what is the reason this has not been addressed? There is a huge push for it. Is there some reason it can't be done? or does management think it is unnecessary?  For as long as this request has been out there, and getting the response that "we need to submit a request to get it on the suggestion list" I think we would like to know the reason it is not getting done. It doesn't seem fair to all you front line workers to get these requests and have to give the same standard answer. I guess I'd like to know the process and who decides what gets added or not added and why.

Tonya White

Hi Crystal, I appreciate the suggestion of utilizing Storyline as an alternative. I've been having trouble getting the black background of the image created. Instead of the image itself being saved Storyline is adding a black Resource block around it. Any suggestions on how to remove it?

Beth Case

Just checking -- we still can't hyperlink an image? I just want to link to an external website by putting in a screen capture of the page when it won't let you embed the page. Yeah, I could do a SL work-around, but this seems like something pretty basic that people have been asking about for years. So am I just missing something?