Image quality is horrible sometimes


I have been doing some text-rich images with Power Point and saved them as .png (with "Save as" and with Windows' crop tool). The images are around 900px width and around 200 KB.

Both the text and the colors look really bad. I've tried with different sizes, even with GIF, but nothing works. What should be the ideal settings for images like this?

From my desktop (looks actually better than this):

From RISE (looks actually worse than this):



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Anthony Goss

I get the best results when I scale up the images inside of PowerPoint and export the images using right click, save as rather than exporting the whole slide.  PowerPoint compresses the output of the images.  Rise seems to like images that are the largest possible resolution.  It then compresses them inside the program.  I do know that there is an issue with image degradation when viewing on an iPad when attempting to zoom into an image.  I reported the issue to Tech Support, and they are working on trying to fix this issue.  

Tom Kuhlmann

On the PPT slide, select all the objects and group them, then scale the group as large as you can before saving as image.

The challenge when saving any image to bitmap is you're going to get some of that pixelation that you see. However, the larger the image when you save out from PPT, the more likely you reduce those artifacts. Thin lines and small type usually are the hardest to avoid the artifacting.

Katherine Piatti

thanks tom. quick follow up. does that strategy only work if the group of images starts out smaller than the slide area? assuming the entire slide is already taken up (and thus scaling up would require going outside the slide boundaries) is there a way to increase the size of the exported .png file?