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Jun 26, 2019

Hi Everyone, 

I am struggling with the image resizing in Rise.  I have two images (pg 1 and 2) of a hospital Observation Chart (i.e. like you find at the end of the patient's bed). 

It is important that the whole document is visible.  I want to display them with the Image Full Width block, instead of Image Center option which looks far to small. 

As the images are wide, Rise trims the top and bottom when added as an Image Full Width.  

I have added a white border which works great when I am viewing them on my desktop computer (ie looks large and all of the image is visible).  However, on my laptop, the tops and bottoms are still trimmed. 

I know I can keep adding more white border and trialling on different screen sizes, but this is fiddly and goes against the responsive design ideal. 


Why does Rise trim the top and bottom of images in the full-width option, and is there any way to ensure my whole image is shown?

Alternatively, can I make the Centered Image larger?

Thanks in advance. Regards Christine


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Christine Hounsham

Hi Crystal

Thanks for the tip.  I will definitely use this for tall images.  In this case I needed more width still, but I ended up inserting as a Storyline Block which gave me good width without loosing the height.  I have shown what the various options look like below in case anyone else struggling to image cropping.  (

Crystal, do you know if there are any good posts about ideal image dimensions for the various Rise image block options?  I find I do have to do a lot of trial and error to get either the part I want or the whole all to display.  

Thanks muchly.  Ta Christine

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Christine!

We recommend using the highest quality image that you have available--the larger the dimensions, the better! 

If there's an image giving you trouble in a particular Rise 360 block type, we can possibly make some recommendations based on the image you're using. You can send it privately to our Support Engineers here. 

Carrie Walker-Boyd

I have a similar question, we use many client images and they always crop at odd places so they do not look good when trying to do two, three or four column images.  The Content Library photos seem to crop perfectly.  Is there a size/ratio suggestion for editing the images I do have so that when I put them into Rise, they don't crop, just shrink?

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