Images with text in Rise

Jan 17, 2018

A lot of our e-learning is being developed in Rise a super product.

Often I need to use my own images and I like the image and text option as it isn't that wide. However, I find it difficult to get the size right and my images end up blurred and is there a way of using this size without text at all.

A breakdown of ideal image size for each option would be so so useful.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Shilpa,

Rise displays images in different sizes and ratios depending on the device you're using, especially in those full-width image blocks. For example, the way an image is cropped on a tablet is completely different than the way it's cropped on a phone.

In other words, there's no ratio rule to follow since the image will be cropped differently depending on the device that's used. That's the beauty of fully-responsive content--it reflows and resizes to fit the device/screen you're using. 

Ultimately we recommend using the highest quality image that you have available--the larger the dimensions, the better! We've tested with images widths as wide as 8000px, and they look great.

If we can have a look at the original image, we can possibly make some recommendations based on the image you're using. You can share that here in the thread, or if you'd like to share privately, you can send them along to our Support Engineers here. 

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