Including Storyline blocks to Rise and LMS access

Nov 29, 2022

I'm incorporating a few Storyline 360 blocks to a Rise course and am wondering about learner experience (will they need to leave the Rise course to go to Review 360?) and my LMS reporting of the course (will the course register as completed if the learner needs to leave Rise to view the video in Review 360?).


The Storyline items are not meant to be interactive and I've considered publishing to a file to imbed in the Rise course, but the file size would become extremely large for the LMS to manage.


Any thoughts or recommendations from the Heroes today?


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Christopher Santos

Hi Karen,

The Storyline block will be embedded within your Rise 360 course.  Rise will not redirect your learners to another tab or browser window to access it if that is what you are asking.

sl block

And it will be considered a block just like any other.  So for purposes of completion tracking, you can still choose to track by course completion or quiz results.

You can also choose to track by using this Storyline block.  This is typically used if the bulk of the training exists in the Storyline block.  For more information about this, check out this article.