Is it possible to merge multiple SCORM?

Sep 19, 2019


This is our situation:

Our courses are divided in 8 units each. Each topic is a SCORM. So basically, every folder is a course containing 8 SCORMs. Now we need to unify all these 8 units so that each course is a single SCORM. I know you can do this manually, but I was wondering if there's any way to merge them automatically (kinda like merging PDFs with an online tool).

Thank you

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Holley Berley

Hi there,

I imagine this would be hard to accomplish without manually combining the pieces in Storyline, since the system wouldn't necessarily know how to navigate between the different pieces.  

You can import slides from other Storyline files pretty easily by going to Insert> New Slide> Import> Import Storyline.  Then you'll be able to check that each slide is linking to the next one correctly.

Holley Berley

Are the SCORM pieces from Storyline?  You can combine these into a single lesson in Rise by sending the Storyline files to Review 360, and adding an interactive Storyline block for each piece.  You wouldn't be able to put them all into one block, but they would all be consolidated to one SCORM file once you published.

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