SCORM Packaging Rise360 Courses

Apr 20, 2022

Does anyone know how to view the SCORM options (within its zipped files) that were selected when a course was originally packaged?  For example, Track using course completion vs Track using quiz result.  We are experiencing delays between units (individual Rise360 courses) and our LMS Tech Team is asking us how the units were packaged.  It appears that they are all packaged to Track using quiz results, but we are still experiencing a delay.  I've tried to troubleshoot using all options, but the delay is still there and occurs randomly after random units.

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Karl Muller


I'm not aware of a way to check these settings in a SCORM ZIP file.

Rise saves the most recent export settings, so if you check the Export page, you should see the last export settings that were used.

Could you please elaborate on this statement "We are experiencing delays between units (individual Rise360 courses)".

Mary Beth Perrow

Hi! Thanks for your reply 🙂 we have four Rise courses that are called
units in our lms. For the learner they start the "course" and when it
opens there are four units (each rise course). Once the learner completes
a unit, the LMS will prompt the learner with a "Completed. Let's Continue."
button and the next unit (rise course) will launch. In each unit there are
multiple lessons. The second to last lesson in each unit is a knowledge
check. The final lesson is just a short summary and what to expect in the
next unit.

In two of the units, as soon as the learner completes and passes the
knowledge check, the scorm communicates to the LMS and the "completed let's
continue" button appears. I don't necessarily prefer this, but it was the
suggested workaround. The theory is that by the time the learner gets to
the last lesson, the system will have had time to communicate back and
forth between the scorm/LMS and populates the button.

Unfortunately, it's only working in two of the units ... the other two are
taking upwards of 30+ seconds for the button to appear. As you can
imagine, this is a HUGE user dissatisfier. The LMS team is telling me it's
due to the scorm packages and to check the files. I've been thru like ten
versions trying to test different solutions ... I was hoping there was a
way to dig in and see the actual scorm settings in the files themselves.

Does this all make sense?

Karl Muller


That sounds like a complex system.

Regarding when a Rise course communicates with the LMS, Rise 360 courses exported using SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, or AICC will communicate with the LMS every 60 seconds, as well as when you navigate to each new lesson, and when the student exits the course.