Rise360 & Bookmarking error in client's LMS

Mar 22, 2023


We are currently testing our e-learning course created in Rise360 on our clients LMS. We have downloaded the course as LMS in SCORM 1.2. At the end there is a quiz attached which needs to be completed to pass the course.

However, the client are experiencing bookmarking erros, as shown in the screenshot below. The error is resulting in the learners completion is not saved for all modules, if they go out and back into the course. This is a big problem for the client that we need to fix.


Looking forward to your help. This is urgent!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Max. The first tip that comes to mind is to use the latest SCORM output: 2004, 4th edition, if your client's LMS will support that format. SCORM 2004 allows for much more resume data to be stored, and there's more detail about that issue here.

In the meantime, we're happy to test the output they're currently using! You can securely start a case and share a copy of that SCORM package with us here, and we'll see if we can spot any problems with the content.