Is there a way to move entire sections?

Apr 18, 2018


I'm trying to rearrange 192 lessons that are contained within 21 different sections.  I want to only move the 21 sections (with their content/lessons) and not have to move each one of the individual lessons.  Is this possible?  If not, do you have any suggestions to rearrange these lessons without major confusion?

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Erick Flesey

Think of it like Layers in Photoshop. If you couldn't rearrange the order at will, your artwork would be in serious trouble and it would take hours to resolve. The same thing is happening here. As developers, we need to hand-hold each lesson to move it up or down, and there's no way to just move an entire section up or down with everything inside it.

Not to mention this thread started THREE YEARS AGO... it's almost insane and people are being too passive about the elephant in the room. Forgive me, I'm old school, so when I see an obvious solution, I bark.

Karl Muller

Hi Stephen,

You can use a Block Template for this purpose. Create a Block Template for the block you want to move. Then delete that block from the Lesson. Go to the place in the Rise lesson where the block should go and insert the copied block from the Block Template library.


Crystal Horn

To add on to what Karl shared, you can drag sections and lessons one by one in the course outline, but I completely understand the frustration when you have numerous sections and lessons. We've documented this request so we can follow up with you here if we build a way to make this easier.