Are there any plans to include adjustable margins in Rise 360?

Sep 22, 2022

There's an inconsistency in margin sizes across different blocks in Rise, e.g. the margin size of a medium video block is smaller than the margin size of a centred image, see attached.

As a designer, this can be frustrating as it creates an inconsistency throughout the course, and either stop me from using certain blocks or means that I have to spend additional time trying to create a workaround. It would be good if you could set the margin size across all blocks.

I've seen a few posts about this from a couple of years back, but there haven't been any recent updates.

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John Morgan

Hi Craig,

This is a great idea for a feature request and others think so too! Adjusting the margins around blocks has been submitted as a feature request and is being tracked by our team. Your voice has been added to that request. This discussion will be updated as soon as we have some new information.

Thanks for reaching out!