Issue with links automatically changing colour

Mar 10, 2022

Since the most recent update, when linking urls, they automatically change to the theme colour. Prior to the update, if you changed the text colour of what you linked, before adding the link, it retained the text colour. It no longer does that. So if you have a heading block in the theme colour, you can no longer see the url link. This is happening in regular text blocks as well. As you can see from the attachments, the text is coloured white, prior to linking. As it changes to the theme colour, you can no longer see the link! Having a lot of other formatting issues since the update.

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Jo Appleford-Cook

Came here to find out if I was the only one, clearly I'm not. I always turn links blue, since that is the colour many people expect from existing programs, and I had user feedback that they found them eminently miss-able in the theme colour.  Now they go orange and very unhappy about that. I will have to pause work until this is fixed as different modules won't even match. Anyone found a workaround yet?