Issue with SCORM file and Rise on iPhone

Nov 18, 2016


I'm having an issue with Rise SCORM 1.2 file on the iPhone (its working properly on my Android device and on my iPad).

When testing my course in my iPhone using the web link from Rise, it's working properly. But as soon as I'm exporting it to SCORM and test it from our eLearning platform (Axonify) or from SCORM Cloud, I'm always getting the same issue.

Seems like my first lesson is creating a bug in the SCORM. I'm not able to scroll down the whole page, and the page content doesn't fit the screen in width. I have 5 other lessons in this course, and those are all working properly. 

I'm thinking there could be one block that I'm using that is creating a conflict on iOS. That lesson is composed of those following blocks...

1. Image and Text
2. Divider
3. Paragraph with heading
4. Four column grid (with 6 items)
5. Divider
6. Paragraph with heading
7. Four column grid (with 3 items)
8. Divider
9. Heading
10. Heading
11. Accordion
12. Spacer

Here is a link to my training on SCORM Cloud

Thanks for your help, 


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Daniil Pinyazhin

Hello! I have the same issue with my SCORM courses.
Sometimes SCORM courses not scrolling (only in iPhone).
This issue happens when I test my courses in iPhone SE, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 (Safari latest version)) from our e-learning platform (WebTutor) or from SCORM Cloud. Sometimes all right, but after some seconds I'm not able to scroll.

Daniil Pinyazhin

Hi Michael,

Thanks for letting me know. I re-published my courses again. This issue has been resolved. However, scrolling on android run smoothly. I don't know how it say in English... Scrolling in android continues after tapping touch screen. It looks pretty good. When I use iPhone I need to tap touchscreen everytime. Scrolling in iPhone stops instantly.

You can try to test courses in iPhone and Android.
The difference is obvious.

Frederick Bergeron

Hi Adam and Michael,

I'm currently not able to test on my LMS, I'm waiting on the Admin as I have some issues with our LMS currently.

That said, I uploaded my course on SCORM Cloud to test it, and I'm still having the same issues as before on iPhone. 

In my training i have 6 lessons, all still works well except for the first lesson - scrolling issues, text  and images don't properly fit in the screen width, not able to complete that section.

Here is my course on SCORM Cloud if you want to test it on an iPhone:


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Stephen for sharing that copy of your Rise course. I uploaded it to SCORM Cloud and you could test that link here.  I was able to open it within my iPhone 6S (iOS 10) and scroll through the content within the steps that you had set up.  Do you know if Docebo if forcing it into a mobile app or if you're still able to see it within the mobile browsers? Also what iPhone and iOS are you using to view it?

Justin Grenier

Hi, Jennifer!

Since Rise courses need to work broadly in many Learning Management Systems, they conform closely to the AICC, SCORM 1.2, and SCORM 2004 specifications, with xAPI (often referred to as the next generation of SCORM) coming soon.

Your course should work great in any LMS, but if you'd like to help your LMS troubleshoot the problem, you could help them enable LMS Debug Mode so that they can closely watch all of the chatter between the course and the LMS.

Please let us know how it goes!

yoampi yoampi

hi there,

we are facing some issues with the flipping cards interaction, bookmarking and scrolling navigation when launching a rise module (scorm 1.2) in our LMS with IPhone. Our LMS is cornerstone. For the launching we are just opening the LMS in the browser on mobile and launching the course.  

Any idea of what is causing it and how to fix it?


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