Issues Embedding LinkedIn Learning Content in Rise Course

Aug 26, 2019


I am building a set of courses in Rise that will have some videos from LinkedIn Learning. I am using the Embed block. When I insert the link, it creates an embed image. However, the video is not playing inside of Rise. The 'embed' box has an image and text description that just links out to the video on the website. It opens in a new tab. Is there a way to truly embed the video so that it will play inside of Rise? I have the same question for videos from PluralSight. 

Thank you!

Carrie Ann

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Lindsey Hunter
Angelo Cruz

Hi Lindsey! I tried the iframe code you shared and I was getting an error in Rise 360 as well.

Checking the source link in your iframe code, it appears that the viewer is required to log in to LinkedIn as shown in this screenshot. Can you try the source URL using a private window or incognito mode to see if you'd be able to access it?

Can you check to make sure the video can be viewed publicly? If it is, would you mind sharing the link to the video on LinkedIn (not the embed code)?

Paula Obrien
Jane Hunter

Hi - when I use an embed code, only the first lesson plays and then the image changes and indicates that the learner has to go to LinkedIn Learning to "Watch more from this course". Is there a way I can get around this? Thanks!

Is there a solution to this problem? My boss wants me to stop showing the learners that they can go to LIL for more videos in the course.