Knowledge Checks in Rise

Nov 11, 2016


I'm wondering if you're thinking of creating a question type interaction within the blocks lesson? One that doesn't necessarily need to provide graded feedback, like the pre-built quiz lesson works. 


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Matt Fletcher


Yep, exact same request from me.

We, and our clients, always want to add interactive knowledge check questions embedded right inside the content pages/lessons (not as a separate quiz/test you have to go to).

(Sometimes you have to get these correct in order to move on).

I understand that on Rise there'll be limits to the type of interactive questions possible (e.g. no drag and drops probably)... but simple multiple choice (single and multi-select), multiple choice images to select, and ideally something with ordering and grouping would be great (could use dropdowns?).

Other than that - all looks great. (Happy to see that themes are customisable to the client's brand/font/colours etc..).


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matt,

Thanks for those ideas! The team in the forums is sharing the feedback such as this with our team of Developers directly and you can also always document these ideas in the form of a feature request using this form (for any of our products!). As Michael mentioned above it looks like a "knowledge check" is on the list - so I'll share the additional components you mentioned here in terms of what that has looked like. 

Glad to hear the theme colors and fonts work out well for you too! 

Crystal Horn

Hi Mariola! It sounds like you want your learners to receive feedback for the choice they make when answering a question. For the knowledge check, you will have to select one correct answer.  What if you used another interactive block in Rise, like a flashcard grid?

Because you don't need to grade your knowledge check, this interactive idea can create that lean-forward moment you want your learners to have.  Rise has a lot of cool features that make it easy to think outside the box.  

Let me know if that works!

Jeff Martin

Can you clarify how the "Answer Feedback (Optional)" is visible to the learner? Do they see this feedback after they answer correctly/incorrectly? I want to be able to add a specific feedback point for each answer option. Is this currently possible? If not, is it on the roadmap of features?


Crystal Horn

Hi Jeff!  The answer feedback is what they'll see after they submit their answer.  It's a great opportunity to let them know what the correct answer is and why.

Currently, feedback is for the entire question.  We are tracking requests for choice-level feedback though, so that you can customize feedback based on how your learners answer!  I'll tag this discussion so we can give you updates about that request.

Jeff Martin

Thanks for the reply. 

I'm trying to envision how to provide effective feedback given the limited application in Rise. If a user gets the question wrong, it's really effective to provide some sort of hint or reference the part of the course where they can find the answer. If they get it correct, congratulations and additional explanation are in order.

If I don't know what the learner selected, I'm not sure how to phrase the feedback so that it would make sense and add value in these different instances. 

Any suggestions/examples? Thanks!

Crystal Horn

Hey everyone! The goodness just keeps on coming…  Choice-level feedback for multiple choice quiz questions in Rise is now live! 

Give learners a single feedback statement for all responses, different feedback for right and wrong responses, or even different feedback for each possible response.  Here's how.  And because Rise is web-based, just open your courses and you’ll see these new options.

Currently this feature is for quiz questions; stay tuned for knowledge check enhancements!

jeff wright

The knowledge check is great but I can't use it, we have 4 x multiple choice questions (also a quiz after the lesson, outside of the module). I don't want the learner to leave and come back.
Question 1: is it possible to have more than one question?

Q2: I've tried importing a quiz from Storyline but all the feedback options contain a score or percentage, and the survey type results don't review the quiz- so how do we make a non-graded quiz with feedback within a lesson?


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jeff!

Yes, you can absolutely add 4 questions in a row. Simply add 4 Knowledge Check questions, one after another, in a Rise Blocks lesson. 

Also, you can remove the score points from Storyline quiz questions. Just type '0' in the points field in Form View. You can also edit the results slide to remove the score altogether. 

Let me know if that helps!

Phil Robinson

This may have been posted in another thread but has there been discussion on having the option to not include the Try Again when answering a knowledge check incorrectly? My client has several knowledge checks they want included at the end of the lesson. It involves a scenario and the question Does this meet the criteria?

Client doesn't like try again prompt because it is kinda pointless - it was a true/false. 

Teo Weihan

I have a question. As the quiz can only post questions, it does not allow labelled graphics, carousell or the other blocks allowed to be included in it, is there a way to build a lesson where i can add the various activities from the block library, and still have my interactive checks be graded?

I am looking for the flexibility of the block library and the grading ability in one block lesson. Is that possible to be done?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Teo, 

The quizzes are kept separate from the content a learner is diving into, but if you needed to combine these two things you could use a knowledge check.  Knowledge checks aren't graded, although you can provide correct/incorrect feedback. You could always add a quiz at the very end with the same question to allow learners to have a grade achieved. A great way to check that they truly learned the content throughout too! 

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