NEW FEATURE: Enhanced Quiz Feedback in Rise

Dec 01, 2017

We’re so excited to share the latest new feature in Rise: enhanced quiz feedback. This new feature lets you display specific feedback to learners depending on their answer choices.

This is super helpful when you want to give learners coaching when they select an incorrect answer. In this video, CTO Arlyn Asch walks you through how it works:

To see all the new features we’ve shipped in Rise recently, check out our What’s New page.

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Stuart Marshall

We really need to be able to give feedback on the whole quiz (if passed or failed). Especially without the ability of being able to stop someone moving onto the next lesson without first passing the quiz we should at least be able to encourage them (in the quiz feedback) to take the quiz again if they have failed.

Dave Schmoekel

The new features are really great!  I am brand new to elearning and articulate and still trying to get my bearings on everything.  I love using Rise, its so easy and I really think that the final product looks really amazing and modern, but I am wondering is there any chance that you will add the availability to let someone test out of a course instead of taking it but still have it show the course as complete in the LMS?  

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dave and welcome to E-Learning Heroes as well as to eLearning! That's exciting.

Within Rise, when you Export your course for LMS, you will be able to choose your Tracking option:

As you can see, the tracking is determined via course completion or quiz result. I'm not sure if other options are available within your LMS or if perhaps the percentage complete would work for you.

I look forward to seeing what others have to share about this.

Katie Frassinelli

So, I just want to make sure I understand how it will work because this is really an essential feature for us. Could I use quizzes basically as knowledge checks by inserting short Quizzes as lessons throughout the course and restricting navigation until each question is answered correctly? For courses taken without an LMS this would allow me to set it up so that by the time the user gets to the end of the course they will have answered all of the questions correctly. Am I understanding this correctly?

Martin Evans

Providing enhanced features to give different types of feedback for each question in a quiz is great, however it would be even better if quizzes could be placed in blocks rather than having the learner go to a separate "lesson" to simply take a quiz. This get's quite confusing when delivering via the LMS. Any idea when quizzes will be available as a block option? I know this was mentioned about 6 months ago, along with the Labeled Graphic interaction. I think it really is an essential feature.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

It sounds to me like you’d like to remove the checkmarks or indication of the correct answer if you're providing feedback to the learner when they're incorrect?  That is definitely an idea I can share with the team! If this isn’t quite right, please let me know what you need and I’ll be happy to help.