Labeled Graphic Size and Quality

Jan 08, 2019

I'm using a screenshot of a menu as a labeled graphic. The image is 366x478. Even on a monitor set to display 1080p, it's a decent size, legible and would be fine in a web browser.

The problem I am having, however is that when i insert it as a labeled graphic and set the image width to "small" it blows the image up to about 760x980 and it looks awful. I've tried adjusting the compression on the image, changing the dpi and several other things but no matter what, Rise just butchers it and makes it not presentable.

Is there any way to control the size the image displays at other than "small," "medium," and "Full width" (Don't even get me started on what Full Width does to images....)

I get that Rise is mean to be responsive but it should not prioritize responsiveness over quality. 

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Kate Rash

I'll echo the prioritization request of getting this bug fixed, too. This is literally a showstopper for me gaining a new client's trust, as I am trying to illustrate my work quality using the Labeled Graphic feature, which would be heavily used in my scenario. Please fix - thank you and look forward to an update soon.

Karl Muller

I had exactly the same issue where Rise was blowing up a small image and through experimentation I found a work-around.

Firstly, Rise wants images to be in 16:9 format.

I had a small image very similar to the one uploaded by Matt at the top of the thread. I opened the image in Photoshop and increased the size of canvas by making the image wider on both the left and right sides. I made the left and the right sides white and kept the image height the same. I did this a few times until I got close to 16:9 ratio and the visual result that I wanted. The actual image (the part part in the middle) now displays close to the size of the original. 

So while the image is actually much wider than it seems, this does not bother anyone as they are not aware of it.

matt thorne

Updated scenario:

i'm using a screenshot captured at 1900 X 1200 at 1200dpi...

So, on my 1900 x 1200 resolution monitor, the image that i upload to Rise and that it shows me back should literally be identical to.the.pixel.

it looks...awful. This is not acceptable. Its not acceptable as basic functionality and It's not acceptable that in 5 months that nothing has been done to address this.  

I struggle every year to justify the cost of our subscription to my bosses and when this web based platform can't take an image that I give it and show it back to me in the exact same condition...makes it really hard for me to WANT to justify it.

Crystal Horn

Hi Matt. I'm sorry you're not seeing the image quality you should expect with Rise 360. I'm opening a case with my team so that, with your permission, we can have a closer look at your image and how it's displaying in your course. You'll get a confirmation email with an upload link if you share your image file.

I've also ensured our report for the labeled graphic block bug accurately reflects the impact it's having on our customers. We'll share more here when we're able.

Kevin Martin

Hi Folks, having been involved with software development in the past I can sympathies with both sides in this discussion. Software development priorities can sometimes not be the same as customer needs and priorities. I was having a similar problem where the image I was trying to add labels to when added to the rise course was getting blown up when displayed. Necessity is the mother of invention so the solution i came up with is as follows.

Since the background on the web page is white. I took my image and cut and pasted in to a large white canvas in Microsoft Paint and centered my image in the middle to the side I required. I then saved it and uploaded it to replace the original image. The net effect is that my image now displays at the correct size and is surrounded by white space. The learner is unaware as I don't have a border on the image.

matt thorne

Safety glasses on....

This is currently not the only issue I've raised with Articulate where the response is basically "we're looking at it, we'll prioritize it and let you know." 

It's also not the only issue where either the product should just show the media back in the same condition as it was given or should behave the same if you use method A or method B (a block or a marker in labeled graphic)

When inquiring about our other open issue (it's been about the same time frame) I just got back an email stating how helpful it was for Articulate to understand how many folks are experiencing the issue and how often....a straight-up canned response. Of COURSE my team is experiencing it...WE reported it!!!

Beyond frustrated at this point. I shouldn't have to have such workarounds for issues this simple and I shouldn't have to beg for updates 4 - 6 months after reporting issues only to be given canned responses that offer me no actual updates.

Safety glasses off.

matt thorne

Appears this has been going on for a long time....2 years???

If we put an image into Rise, we expect to get the EXACT SAME image back out of Rise.

This is so far beyond not acceptable. When a thread has 145 replies to it over 2 years, it's obvious that this is something that the customers...paying customers...want to be addressed.

Articulate: <crickets> 

Crystal Horn

Hi everyone!

Do you have an image that looks blurry in Rise 360? We've designed a workaround to keep your images looking crystal clear.

If you'd like an image to keep its specific file format and not undergo compression, you can opt-out of image optimization on a case-by-case basis. Add _NOPROCESS_ to the name of your image file. It'll upload and display exactly as you saved it. Keep in mind that the 5GB file size limit still applies, and you could see an increase in your output file size.

Crystal Horn

Hi, Nikola. The workaround to opt-out of image optimization helps with images that appear blurry, but it doesn't resolve the issue with small labeled graphic images being scaled up. I'm sorry, as I know that issue is still impacting folks.

As soon as I can share an update on that behavior, I will!