Labeled Graphic Size and Quality

Jan 08, 2019

I'm using a screenshot of a menu as a labeled graphic. The image is 366x478. Even on a monitor set to display 1080p, it's a decent size, legible and would be fine in a web browser.

The problem I am having, however is that when i insert it as a labeled graphic and set the image width to "small" it blows the image up to about 760x980 and it looks awful. I've tried adjusting the compression on the image, changing the dpi and several other things but no matter what, Rise just butchers it and makes it not presentable.

Is there any way to control the size the image displays at other than "small," "medium," and "Full width" (Don't even get me started on what Full Width does to images....)

I get that Rise is mean to be responsive but it should not prioritize responsiveness over quality. 

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Mark Banit

Unfortunately this forum is FULL of threads like this, highlighting bugs or basic usability improvements. Most of them are over 2 years old with tons of participants and community support, but for whatever reason Articulate seems to have zero interest in resolving them. Instead we're directed to submit a feature request, which appears to just be a blackhole.

It's beyond ridiculous at this point. Wonder how many customers they need to lose before they'll actually decide to take some action.

Jessica Bacca

Has this SERIOUSLY not been fixed yet after ALMOST 3 YEARS?! Come ON! I am trying to create geometry courses for an online school, and my coworker insisted I use this platform to make it look "updated".  I told her that Rise is NOT conducive to resizing pictures OR putting pictures as answers and said how much of an idiot I would be to use this platform instead of SoftChalk. Seems I was correct. 

Karl Muller

Hi Jessica,

There is a very simple solution that takes about a minute to implement.

Firstly, understand that Rise expects labeled graphic images to be in 16:9 format.

If your image is not in a 16:9 format, use an image editor to add to the left and the right sides to get close to a 16:9 ratio. The visual result will be  an image that displays correctly.

Dana Hill

Well I am going to join this discussion 4 YEARS LATER after dealing with this infuriating issue and wasting multiple hours to find a work around. 

Articulate, you should not be ignoring an issue 4 years old! It took me hours of digging to find this thread and work around for something you still haven’t fixed in 4 years! 

Rich Llewellyn

While I understand the 16:9 requirements, that makes the display on mobile look ridiculous for the image I'm using.  

I can either have it display well for mobile but then too big for desktop or fine on desktop and a tiny centred image on mobile.

Could we not have some functionality to add 2 images: one for desktop and one for mobile?