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Mar 02, 2017

I would love to have a section that could be reachable at any point in the course for users to make notes or to comment?  Has anybody seen any work arounds? Seems like a HUGE feature request, its just that our case studies and focus groups are showing that the end user want's to be able to make notes.


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Ron Price

Hey Cindy,

Our BLOG entry from November 2015 offered one solution you may want to consider. http://www.thearticulatetrainer.com/how-can-i-create-a-space-for-learners-to-write-notes-in-my-course/

 Actually - I just realized this thread was a RISE thread - sorry - the solution I posted was for Storyline.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cindy,

I have yet to see a workaround in Rise that matches your description, but I know that many folks have accomplished it in Storyline 2 as you mentioned. I'm curious if you looked at how your Storyline courses behaved in the new responsive player that's a part of Storyline and Studio 360? Although it's not the same responsive set up as Rise, it's been receiving great feedback about how streamlined it is and the ease of use on a mobile device. You may want to take a look at the general FAQs on the responsive player here to get started. 

As for the idea of notes inside Rise, it's certainly a great concept for our team to investigate further, and we love to see those ideas here in ELH and also you're welcome to submit them as a feature request here! I'd love to know a bit more about what you're looking to see with this feature - would the notes be just for the user, or something reported to the LMS? Are they accessible only while in the course, or would you want a way for users to export or print them out? 

Thanks again for sharing and hope you're enjoying everything else that Articulate 360 offers! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Yvette,

We don't have a Notes feature or large text entry in Rise yet, although we're keeping on eye on the number of requests for it! That helps our team as they plan out new features, so I'll add your voice! 

In the meantime, you could create the block in Storyline with a text entry field. Those notes would be kept solely for the user as a Storyline block in Rise won't report the individual answers/question data to a  Learning Management System (LMS). 

Melanie Vermeulen

I totally agree that we need the notes features in Rise, the ebook I have to create is very simple to create in Rise, but a lot more challening in Storyline 360. It would just make it so much easier to just be able to have the feature in Rise. For example our work is basically 80% content and 20% note taking and it is going to take me forever to set it up in Storyline 360 compared to Rise.