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Customer Education Services

I want to have a notes section in Rise. I created a block in Storyline with a text entry field and imported it into Rise. The problem is that it doesn't save the user's notes. When they enter text, it disappears after they click into another lesson and return to the notes section. Am I missing something? Perhaps I just have a setting wrong?

Sian Westcombe

A note taking feature would be extremely valuable for us.  Rise ticks a lot of the boxes but is let down by not having this feature.  As this is crucial for our courses we are having to look elsewhere at other software options.  We have experimenting using a Storyline block with text entry field but there seems to be no way for the learner to save/print out or export their responses so this a real limitation for us.   Please add my vote for this feature - it would be amazing! 

Cass Netzley

I wish I had a vote to give for everyone on my global team to the above request. A notes feature, even a simplistic one/scratch-pad/etc, is the most requested item from our instructors and learners. Telling them to open up Word or Notepad++ usually receives an eye roll. 

We use Articulate Review internally and I understand how that would be tough to implement into an export. However, we've seen w/ the creative methods some users have made custom .js options to have note style inputs and printable output; I'm not sure why a similar feature wouldn't be feasible for Articulate to make an official block/feature for us to utilize.

Sam Hill

I'm afraid not without changing the files post publish. I've looked into this for the same reason.

This is a solution we developed, but it has the same issue with the play button for mobile: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/rise-360/solution-storyline-block-for-text-input-and-save-to-cmi-interactions-scorm-1-2

Danielle Lambrick

It looked as if a year ago (on this thread) this was added to the task list...? Has a feature for note taking become available yet in Rise? I've started using Rise for teaching a cohort of 300+ students and their overwhelming response to it is that it is a brilliant resource for their learning but they need to be able to annotate it with their own notes.

Without this feature, the students' feedback is so strong that I'm not sure it will be a viable resource to use with them long term. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hey, folks! We really appreciate you letting us know you need a survey in Rise 360. This is certainly a popular request! We'll let you know if we add it to the roadmap.

For now, your best bet is to embed a form from a third-party tool (like Google Forms or Survey Monkey) using a Multimedia Embed block. 

Use this iFrame code format for easy embedding!
<iframe src="URL HERE"></iframe>

Cat Nelson

I so want a notes feature - so definitely another vote here.

I've just been playing with the feature and the iframe code shared above, my rise content (and associated documents) are housed on a SharePoint page - so I've just attempted to set up a new list in SharePoint (a simple title and free text box), linked the iframe to the add new frame of the SharePoint list. - this sort of works, in that a person can add notes and they are captured in a way that can be accessed, but its not perfect.

I've then set up the default view of the list as a personalized view (where a person can only see their own entries)