Learner Notes - Input Boxes

Mar 02, 2017

I would love to have a section that could be reachable at any point in the course for users to make notes or to comment?  Has anybody seen any work arounds? Seems like a HUGE feature request, its just that our case studies and focus groups are showing that the end user want's to be able to make notes.


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Tim St. Clair

I've had a few attempts at solving the note issue using customisations to the Rise content after it has been published. This is tricky and you have to remember to edit it after you republish.

I've recently been working on injecting a note taker using Storyline. The Storyline block runs some javascript when it first loads to patch the functionality into Rise, then the block deletes itself. It's not quite ready to share, but here's a demo of it in action, which even works on the review page:


You can leave feedback in Review. I'd also like to know how people would like to see a notes feature working inside Rise, specifically:

  • How would you access the notes?
  • Where would the notes be stored?
  • Would the user need to differentiate between different pages or blocks, and how would that work?
  • What would the visual design look like for desktop and mobile?