Lesson Lock

Mar 19, 2021

As owner/author is it possible to lock/unlock lessons in Rise? I have already created a navigation lock so that learners can only move forward once the previous lesson has been completed.

The learners completing this course will be given 2hrs per week over 3 weeks to complete this work. I have created a course of 30 small lessons and would like to give them the entire course with only the first 10 lessons unlocked and available to complete. Then when everyone has completed the first 10 lessons I can unlock the next 10 lessons for completion in the 2nd week and so on. I want it designed like this so that at the end of the 3 weeks learners can go back over anything they've already covered and it's all in the one course. Does anyone know if it's possible please?

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Thamaraiselvan Balakrishnan

I have 10 lessons with quiz for each lesson, first five lessons for internal user and next five lessons for external user. Main page I have selected the user type whether entered user type is internal or external with help of button stack option. First selecting the external option, Menu should be reflected only with last five lessons with quiz for external users. Please help me how to do that. Now i am getting error like lessons must be completed in order because the first five internal user lessons showing in that menu, unable to go next lesson under external. So how we can avoid the unselected user lessons. Please support me for this issue