Loading a PDF to Rise 360

Aug 06, 2020

I have built a course that I used a block to access a PDF of an participant action guide.  When I review the course in Rise review I can click on the PDF and it opens.  When I publish it to my LMS I get an error message when trying to access the PDF.  Does the PDF need to be loaded to the LMS along with the project files?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Robert!

It's strange that you would run into an error message only after hosting the course on your LMS. 

A great way to answer that question, "Is it my output or is it the LMS," is to test with SCORM Cloud. If it works properly on SCORM Cloud, it's a good indication that the issue is in the LMS.

We're happy to help you! Click here to privately share your output files, and we can tell you what we think. We delete everything when we're done troubleshooting.

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